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Typically Stocked Colors: Black, Granite & Stone Nordic Line Leathers.
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Fjords Large Size- Oslo Swing Relaxer

Save $100s off of the regular pricing instantly on a brand-new, Fjords Swing Relaxer when you shop at Unwind. These are some of the most popular Norwegian Recliner Chairs available. They are stylish, built-to-last, and incredibly comfortable. The hidden footrest, the Active Release System, height adjusting headrest on some models, and much more make the recliner chair some of the most comfortable furniture in the world. We not only guarantee the lowest prices on all Fjords Furniture allowed by the manufacturer but also provide Free Nationwide Shipping and Delivery. This is more than a sale or promotion. This is our dedication to bringing you exactly what you need to relax and unwind. All Fjords Swing Relaxer Recliner Chair models and options are eligible. This includes both sizes and all leather options for the Oslo, Ulstein, Madrid, Atlantis and Stockholm series models.

Best Norwegian Leather Recliners- Fjords Swing Relaxers

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  2. Choose your preferred fabric or leather type and color by selecting from the small color swatches underneath the desired category.
  3. Now simply scroll down the page and click the “Add to shopping bag” button.
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Comfort is more than a luxury. It’s a truly beneficial element of life. Stress reduction, increased reports of happiness, improvement in general well-being… These are all side effects of increased levels of comfort. Imagine the tangible and concrete improvements to your life just by sitting in a more comfortable and ergonomic seat. Wouldn’t you leap at the opportunity to improve your overall well-being just by sitting down? The answers typically are: "Of course!" and "Who Wouldn’t?"

Comfortable seating means more than softness or cushions. Ergonomic Comfort generates lasting benefits. Fjords Furniture is Ergonomically Correct. This provides continuous support, increased reports of comfort, and reduced reports of tiredness. Improvements in ease of blood flow, improvements in reports of spinal comfort, and reductions in reports of stress are all benefits you can receive simply by improving your seating. Simply sit down and relax. Allow yourself to unwind as your spine is gently supported in all the right places, at all the right angles.

Fjords Recliners and Furniture from Unwind.The Oslo Swing Relaxer provides first class comfort while looking crisp and sharp. The characteristic function suits all styles; from a new mother needing to soothe a distressed child to a young hipster reclining for an afternoon of reading. This Swing Relaxer is a perfect Norwegian solution for anyone looking for a stylish rocking chair. This chair not only looks great; it moves great. You will love this recliner. Get it now and make it yours...

Hjellegjerde Furniture- Inspired by the beauty of NorwayThe Hjellegjerde brothers have been designing and creating furniture for over 70 years. They began as a humble family business and have grown into an exceptional name in furniture worldwide. Their ingenuitive ideas, commitment to excellence and personal pride in their work have brought the bliss of Norway to 5 continents. They have always used their surroundings in Norway to encourage and influence their designs in furniture. They strive to be on the forward side of innovation while still nodding to the successes of tradition. From the top of an adjustable headrest to the smallest seam in a supportive ottoman, the brothers' hard work and dedication is evident. 

Below are the lavish features standard in Fjords Chairs:  

  • The movement ability of the recliners is designed to allow your body to form its own natural, comfortable “resting position”
  • The continuous movement of these recliners allows your body to truly relax. Each individual segment contributes to the proper support for your neck, shoulders, back and hips to relax. The benefits extend beyond those body parts as the entire body will benefit from a reduction in tension.
  • Fjords® Active Release System - All of our recliners have a unique, built-in mechanism that automatically provides the best neck and back support.
  • Many models come with an adjustable headrest to accommodate users of different sizes to experience the same comfort from one recliner.
  • Lower back support
  • The two sizes: Small & Large, allow for each person to find the perfect fit!
  • Each model comes with a standard 10 year warranty
  • All models come with a sticker underneath the armrest to allow them to be traced in the event you have a question about your specific model/recliner.

Simply put, Fjords Swing Relaxer Recliners are some of the most comfortable seats in the world. Let's take a closer look to understand what makes them so much better than the rest. Here are some features specific to the Swing Relaxer Models:

  • Let's look at what makes the Fjords Swing Relaxer the most comfortable recliner.As with all Fjords Furniture, these Relaxers feature the Active Release System™. This unique, trademarked comfort technology provides the best support for the neck and upper shoulders. A simple manual adjustment allows you to increase or decrease the amount of head and neck support. Imagine how comfortable you will be when it only takes a single adjustment to adapt your seat to optimize your support and comfort. 
  • Supportive Bands of Steel Springs in the back and seat cushion cores increase your comfort and increase the longevity of your seat. Rather than old coil springs of yester-year, these springs/bands ensure that your body is cradled and supported rather than seated on pointed springs that can over time wear through your chair. Fjords has through the entire experience of healthy furniture and seating.
  • Dacron Fibres provide an extra layer of softness and support. These fibrous layers are designed to dissipate your body’s weight by spreading it out evenly across the seat and back cushions. The engineers in Norway designed these Dacron Fibre supports to be inside the cushion between the upholstery and foam. These carefully adapted layers promote a softer seat and enhanced levels of comfort. In order to optimize design and comfort, certain models have more and less of this fibrous layer. Allowing each person to find a seat that suits them perfectly…
  • Gliding steel mountings are of the highest quality and are built into the frame of the chairs and sofas. These unique gliding mountings that are built-in to our chairs and sofa provide the best individual resting position, because they allow the weight of the body to determine the most natural resting position.
  • Cold Cured and Molded Foam is poured directly onto the steel frames. This foam in the back, seat, armrest and footstool allow for consistent comfort throughout the lifespan of your swing relaxer. When moulding polyurethane foam, which we usually use, the foam is moulded in casts that have the exact shape of the product. There are considerable differences between block foam and moulded cold cure foam when it comes to the durability of
  • its physical appearance. Block foam tends to lose its suppleness after a few years of everyday use. This makes it softer as time passes. Cast moulded cold cure foam retains its suppleness longer than plain, block-moulded foam.
  • The Relaxer Recliners feature a round, pedestal base. This base is made of strong, laminated wood. Laminated wooden elements are selected for several of our bases because they provide durability and comfort. Historically significant, wood still remains an important material in the development of tomorrow’s furniture. All bases are stained and lacquered. Black Base is standard on all swing relaxers, this is the only color of finish options available. This is simply because the wooden pedestal/base is not very visible on these items.
  • Rotation ensures maximum utility. The Manual Swing Relaxers boast an impressive 360 swivel and comes with a glide lock on the rear side. The Motorized Relaxers feature a 170 degree swivel. Glide lock is not compatible for motorized version. This is simply because your power cord would get tangled if your chair spun around and around. As if that wasn’t enough, Fjords allows you to special order any swing relaxer model, if you would prefer the chair not swivel at all. They will still glide, lock, and recline; they will just remain facing one direction.
  • Identical in design, you can choose a manual cordless or a motor powered version of your favorite Swing Relaxer. The Power Versions feature a discreet power cord. If you would prefer simplicity, you can opt in for a rechargeable battery pack and charger. If you would like to order a battery along with your swing relaxer, contact Unwind Customer Service at 888-486-9463.
Hjellegjerde of Norway- Healthy, High Quality Furniture since 1941.
Choose one of our readily stocked items for faster delivery times or customize your seat to your unique tastes with an array of leather and wood stain options. “A genuine sense of well-being through individual choices…”.

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The Unwind Company maintains an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, with millions served. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest levels of customer service and lowest prices on all Healthy Furniture like Norwegian Recliners and Fjords Swing Relaxers. Our first goal is to provide you with a Stress-Free Shopping experience and our ultimate goal is to help you improve your health and well-being by connecting you with the resources that will help you to relax and unwind. May we assist you as well? We'll always do our very best to get you taken care of- We guarantee it!
 Product Measurements: Width: 32 1/4" Height: 39 1/2" Depth: 35 1/2" Seat Height: 19 3/4" Seat Depth: 22 1/2"

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10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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